319 Runnels St.
Big Spring, TX 79720

Call: 1-855-937-2372

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What is ADRC?

ADRC Stands for Aging & Disability Resource Center. ADRCs assist consumers in finding local resources to meet their individual needs.

Resources can include long-term care, home care, transportation, caregiver support, and many more.

 Trained staff are available to listen, provide information, help you select services, assist with completion of required forms when applying for services and provide follow-up on those services.

 West Texas ADRC is a resource center, this means that while we don’t provide the services you may need, we can help you find those services. We understand that community based resources can be tricky to navigate, that’s why we take the legwork out for you.

When you call West Texas ADRC one of our trained, professional staff will listen to your concerns, determine what options are available to you, discuss those options with you, and help you get in contact with those providers. Including helping you fill out necessary applications or other paperwork.

We will follow up with you at a later date to determine if those services are working well for you or if you may need additional services.